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   About The Click1003 Pro Software Program

      Makes The 1003 Easier To Understand  The Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard was designed to make it easier and more understandable for the Online Borrower, providing color coded navigation and more than 90 help files so there is no question about what to enter on the form. Click1003 Pro also makes it faster and more efficient to manage the loan applications for the mortgage broker, credit union, bank or loan originator.

Affordable For Everyone
 The Click1003 Pro software is a cost effective solution for every Loan Originator. What this means is that it won't 'break the bank' in order for the loan originator to have state-of-the-art software at his/her fingertips. A loan originator can now easily afford a subscription license ($9.95/mo.) under a broker already using a Banker/Broker version of the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard (broker version $49.95/mo.). And now, for the first time, we have created a Stand-alone Loan Originator version ($19.95) for the Loan Originator who works under a broker that doesn't use the Click1003 Pro software. There are also no lengthy contracts. On the monthly program, the broker or loan originator can quit their subscription at any time.

Access From Anywhere  Click 1003 Pro Online Application software is portable and easy for anyone to use, sporting a new look and a very low learning curve. The File Manager Dashboard is 100% web based and can be used by any loan originator on any computer anywhere in the world to access and originate loans. Your processor will receive the loan application the instant it is submitted no matter where they are.

Low Learning Curve   Click1003 Pro is a very powerful tool that goes wherever your loan originator goes, and it is super easy to use. In fact, If you can read, you can learn to use the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard in about 10 minutes!

Close Loans Quicker  We at Click1003 Pro feel that the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard is the much needed missing link in the chain of a smooth business operation.  It closes the gap between the originator and the underwriting process. More importantly, it reduces the time between Borrower signature and loan funding.  This program makes it possible for the loan originator and the broker to capitalize on the amount of time available in a day, and realize a higher profit margin.




See Click1003 Pro In Action
  We have provided video's to demonstrate how easy and fast the Click1003 Pro system works. Simply click on a video to see a short demonstration of different tasks the Click1003 Pro Dashboard can easily perform.  
Click1003 Pro Setup
Click1003 Pro Setup video
Dashboard Internal App
Dashboard Internal App video
Using Web App In Dashboard
Using Web App In Dashboard video
Searching Loan Folders
Searching Loan Folders video


Move & Restore Loan Files
Move & Restore Loan Files video
Move Multiple Loan Files
Move Multiple Loan Files video
Importing Loan Files
Importing Loan Files video
Selecting Themes
Selecting Themes video


Analytics - Top Indicators
Analytics - Top Indicators video
Analytics - Loan Originator Stats
Analytics - Loan Originatior Stats video
Analytics - Loan Stat Breakdown
Analytics - Loan Stat Breakdown video
Calculators video


Export or Email Loan Files
Export or Email Loan Files video
Print Fannie Mae 1003
Print Fannie Mae 1003 video
Loan Details
Loan Details video
Event Calendar Introduction
Event Calendar Introduction video


Create New Calendar Event
Create New Calendar Event video
Update/Delete Calendar Event
Update/Delete Calendar Event video
Click1003 Pro Help Files
Click1003 Pro Help Files video
Contact Manager Overview


Create New Contact
Create New Contact video
Contact Details
Update/Delete Calendar Event video
Upload Contact Image
Click1003 Pro Help Files video
Notes & Reminders




Click1003 Pro Has A Program For All Loan Originators



Although your loan originators can view, edit and print their loans Online without the Dashboard, they can have the added functionality of their own Click1003 Pro Dashboard including access to 11 mortgage calculators, application printing, importing and exporting loan files, search and file options and dynamic analytics of their closed loans and an event calendar for a small monthly fee when your company has the Broker/Banker version (NOTE: If the Loan Originator has their own Dashboard, they only have access to their own loans). Call us for details at 800-398-0504.




For the Broker, Banker or Credit Union that needs to manage loan originators as business fluctuates. Click1003 Pro supports Unlimited Loan Originators, Unlimited Loans, and costs only $9.95 per month to give an LO their own Dashboard.

$49.95 mo.


Loan Originator
Under Broker

For the Loan Originator working for a lending institution who wants the same tools and functionality of the Click1003 Pro Banker/Broker version. All loan files are added to the Broker's database. Each Loan Originator will only be able to see their own loan files.

$9.95 mo.


Loan Originator
Stand-alone Version

Finally! A Full, Stand-alone version for the independent Loan Originator with all of the bells and whistles of the full blown Banker/Broker version. Supports Unlimited Loans, but only one Loan Originator. Includes Online application and Pro File Manager Dashboard.

$19.95 mo.

Broker/Banker Signup
Loan Originator Signup




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